Dense Packing Hair Transplant

Due to the technical capabilities and personal skills of the Hairline Clinic (HLC) hair surgeonsthey offers Dense Packing to patients with sufficient permanently growing hair in the donor area of the scalp. As they uses finest blades for creating small incisions into the recipient area the hairline clinic succeeds in Dense Packing with a total of about 50 grafts per square-centimeter or more.

Example (Note: The patient had a hair transplant in another clinic before):



Some days after


The Result after one year:


Further HLC Hair Transplant Results with Dense Packing

1971 Grafts FUE – Dense Packing

1600 Grafts FUE – Dense Packing

Limitations and risks of Dense Packing

Since a large number of follicular units are being inserted next to each other during the procedure of Dense Packing the risks often reveal the most critical aspect about this method. The most important component about Dense Packing is the method to create tiny slits into the recipient area professionally. The graft insertion requires a good healing skin in this area since it is exposed to a high load of tiny injuries. A number of patients also have highly sensitive grafts which do not survive this procedure during one single session. According to documented cases in the hair-transplant society not every expectation has been met. Due to a lower healing process many grafts may seem less viable.

A higher density can be critical to the quality of the transplant results. Dense Packing therefore cannot be performed on every patient. There will also be a certain risk for increased scarring in particular around the insertion area when performing ultra-dense-packing. The correlation of low growing yield and Dense Packing corresponds to the extensive experience of Dr. Koray and his medical team in Turkey – Istanbul.

Prospects for the future

Every patient asking for Dense Packing must be aware of the restrictions given to any subsequent hair transplant in case there is individual low growing yield after the first Dense Packing session. If the result will not be satisfactory for the patient the number of grafts being unaffected from the genetic predisposition to balding is decreasing. The more hair being transplanted into a certain area the less remain for another treatment of different other areas around the balding zone. We want each patient to understand that hair loss is an ongoing process in most of the cases. The balding process will possibly turn to very low densities on other areas, which have not been treated yet or treated less intensively. Eventually another necessary hair transplant to restore complete coverage will not be possible due to missing donor hair. Please take into account and consider carefully that Dense Packing requires a huge amount of grafts in the permanent zone which possibly could be needed for another job lately.

Two steps for better results

As being described Dense Packing involves a certain restriction for further treatment. In most of the cases hair loss cannot be restored within one individual session. Each patient undergoing hair loss needs to accept that careful and reasonable hair restoration will only be successful in at least two or more steps. Although there is understandable reason why each patient wants to feel completely satisfied after one single procedure everyone must be aware of the fact that any hair transplant is a sensitive and very delicate method to restore an aesthetically pleasing and natural appearance. Depending on the individual situation it will be useful and wise to determine the most effective use of donor hair and pursue this aim in at least two steps.

Since every person has its individual appearance being influenced by several conditions there is no general speaking about the required amount of grafts for particular areas. Every patient needs different treatment to achieve satisfying results and meet his expectations. In some cases the yield of density will already reach satisfactory result with 50 to 55 FU/ in case there is residual hair in the recipient area. It is absolutely necessary for every patient to have a realistic conception about his later appearance and to be aware of his individual resources of donor hair. We want you to get yourself an estimation about the growing-hair-yield after your first hair transplant before you make a final prognosis for any further step! Wasting your hair during your first session should be avoided in any case.

For best results: Find the golden mean!

Due to existing good hair conditions in many cases only a small amount of grafts harvested and inserted met the expectations of patients during their very first hair restoration. We want you to be careful, save your money and lower the risks for any necessary subsequent transplant in the future!


In case the final density does not fulfill the patient´s needs during the first procedure there is always enough time and donor hair to harvest in a second hair transplant in order to achieve a higher yield of density. We want each patient to wait at least 12 months until the final result can be seen and judged. By following this rule you keep the risks low, save money and grafts as well as achieve a satisfying result instead paying dearly for impatience.